2018-04-13 Jeremie CorbierUpdate IGN API key master
2015-07-15 Jeremie CorbierProper name for Isalo hike description file
2015-07-15 Jeremie CorbierAdd hike to La Fous lake
2015-01-05 Jeremie CorbierPublish v2.3 v2.3
2015-01-05 Jeremie Corbier[DEV] Update copyright info
2015-01-05 Jeremie Corbier[DEV] JS compression script tweaks
2015-01-05 Jeremie Corbier[DEV] Limit zoom to 15
2015-01-05 Jeremie Corbier[DEV] Compute viewport extent from GPS trace
2015-01-05 Jeremie CorbierAdd hikes in Madagascar
2014-09-04 Jeremie CorbierPublish v2.2 v2.2
2014-09-04 Jeremie Corbier[DEV] Only trips list scroll - list header and search...
2014-09-04 Jeremie Corbier[DEV] Use search icon instead of "Filter" in search...
2014-09-04 Jeremie Corbier[DEV] Don't hide selected element when filtering
2014-09-04 Jeremie Corbier[DEV] Pressing ESC when filtering trips cancels the...
2014-09-04 Jeremie Corbier[DEV] Add JS compression script
2014-09-04 Jeremie CorbierMove development site to its own folder
2014-08-28 Jeremie CorbierAllow filtering trips
2014-08-28 Jeremie CorbierAdd hiking trip to Glacier Blanc
2014-07-31 Jeremie CorbierAdd new hiking trip: Balade dans la Valmasque
2014-07-21 Jeremie CorbierUse compressed version of JS files v2.1
2014-07-21 Jeremie CorbierFix trailing commas errors reported by JS Closure Compiler
2014-07-21 Jeremie CorbierTurn rando.js into a class v2.0
2014-07-18 Jeremie CorbierMake cloneLayer private to MiniMap
2014-07-18 Jeremie CorbierAdd my own copyright to attribution panel
2014-07-18 Jeremie CorbierReplace default Google's GMaps copyright banner with... v1.2
2014-07-18 Jeremie CorbierPrevent scrollbars from being displayed at all
2014-07-18 Jeremie CorbierCleaner minimap handling (+ fix typo bug in MiniMap...
2014-07-16 Jeremie CorbierMake sure active trip is the last one found in rando...
2014-07-16 Jeremie CorbierTry and fix low occurrence plot exception...
2014-07-16 Jeremie CorbierAdd minimap (useful when trips span outside of map) v1.1
2014-07-16 Jeremie CorbierCleaner looking boxes
2014-07-16 Jeremie CorbierShow GPX <wpt> tags as markers on map v1.0
2014-07-16 Jeremie CorbierShow start/end markers on trails (using first and last...
2014-07-16 Jeremie CorbierLoad GPS trace asynchronously
2014-07-16 Jeremie CorbierFix bug where Map.removeLayer would trigger an exception
2014-07-15 Jeremie CorbierSwitch between map providers instead of trying to load...
2014-07-15 Jeremie CorbierDisplay terrain information from Google Maps if IGN...
2014-07-15 Jeremie CorbierAdd hiking trips in Argentina
2014-07-15 Jeremie CorbierAdd support for GPX files
2014-07-15 Jeremie CorbierAlso display cumulated elevation gain/loss
2014-07-15 Jeremie CorbierAdd vertical track line to altitude profile
2014-07-15 Jeremie CorbierAltitude profile tracker also displays location on map
2014-07-15 Jeremie CorbierMake map viewer fixed
2014-07-15 Jeremie CorbierMove to Leaflet.js
2014-07-14 Jeremie CorbierDisplay trips in reverse order...
2014-07-14 Jeremie CorbierAdd hiking trip to Plateau de Calern
2014-07-11 Jeremie CorbierMake HTML5 validator happy v0.5
2014-07-11 Jeremie CorbierAllow selecting trip through URL's anchor
2014-07-11 Jeremie CorbierMake trips listing div not overflow
2014-07-11 Jeremie CorbierRemove leftover </div>
2014-07-11 Jeremie CorbierAllow mouse hover over altitude profile v0.4
2014-07-11 Jeremie CorbierNicer labels for altitude profile
2014-07-11 Jeremie CorbierDraw altitude profile labels in white
2014-07-11 Jeremie CorbierAlso redraw altitude profile when window size has changed
2014-07-11 Jeremie CorbierNew page layout
2014-07-10 Jeremie CorbierUpdate site to latest Geoportal API
2010-06-11 Jeremie CorbierAdd hiking trip to Mont Vinaigre
2010-06-11 Jeremie CorbierReplace $('Description').load() by a Request.HTML
2010-06-11 Jeremie CorbierUpgrade to mootools 1.2.4
2010-05-03 Jeremie CorbierAdd hiking trip to Puy de Naouri
2010-05-03 Jeremie CorbierUpdate to 1.0 API
2009-08-03 Jeremie CorbierAdd hiking trip to Sommet de l'Audibergue
2009-07-26 Jeremie CorbierRename time field to duration v0.3
2009-07-26 Jeremie CorbierCompute trip length from GPS data
2009-07-26 Jeremie CorbierComplete bivouac-arpette.kml with the return trail
2009-07-26 Jeremie CorbierUse MooTools rather than plain DOM to access elements
2009-07-26 Jeremie CorbierUpdate existing KML files with altitudes
2009-07-25 Jeremie CorbierDisplay hiking trails altitude profiles
2009-07-21 Jeremie CorbierDisable keyboard control v0.2
2009-07-20 Jeremie CorbierAdd hiking trip to Sommet de l'Arpiha
2009-07-20 Jeremie CorbierDefer execution of rando.js
2009-07-19 Jeremie CorbierAdd a tiny scale line
2009-07-13 Jeremie CorbierCreate map viewer manually
2009-07-13 Jeremie CorbierSplit rando.xml and hiking trips descriptions
2009-07-12 Jeremie CorbierHmm hmm, copied too many lines
2009-07-12 Jeremie CorbierOops, wrong picture positioning here...
2009-07-12 Jeremie CorbierAdd pictures from Bivouac au pied de l'Arpette
2009-07-10 Jeremie CorbierAdd links to git repo and api.ign.fr in footer
2009-07-10 Jeremie CorbierInitial import: rando v0.1 v0.1